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Goodnewspaper: The Pride Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Pride Edition

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Pride Month is HERE! 🏳️‍🌈 And lucky for you, this month’s issue of the Goodnewspaper is also here to help you celebrate. Welcome to the 2024 Pride Edition!

Every year, the Pride Edition of the Goodnewspaper has the same goal: To bring you all kinds of good news, resources, and representation of the LGBTQ+ community in one beautiful, colorful place.

With this year’s issue, our writers focused on the issues that are most present for nearly everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, like access to health and safety, the existence of safe spaces with queer liberation at their core, and maintaining the integrity of resources for LGBTQ+ youth and trans people everywhere.

We made sure to answer every fear, every isolating experience, every hateful attempt to discount LGBTQ+ lives with an everyday story about triumph, community, and love.

Here are a few highlights you can look forward to:

🏅 A glimpse into an inclusive Olympics-style sporting event for the LGBTQ+ community

📚 An interview with Maia Kobabe, the author of “Gender Queer,” the most banned book in America

💄 Drag queens who use their shimmer to make the world a brighter place

🌈 Hope-inducing stories of support from LGBTQ+ readers

✨ And so, so much more!

We made this year’s Pride Edition a celebration for every LGBTQ+ person who feels despair, a resource for everyone who loves someone in this community, and a point of entry for anyone unsure where they land. We hope this newspaper makes you feel seen, celebrated, and hopeful as you embark on the month ahead — and activated to build a better future for all.


If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of June and get this issue for only $8. Look for The Pride Edition popup during checkout.
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