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Goodnewspaper: The Money Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Money Edition

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Introducing the new Goodnewspaper: The Money Edition!

When we talk about money, global economies, credit scores, crypto, and wealth inequality, it all boils down to one big idea: How do we value people and their time, energy, and contributions?

Money, wealth, and wages are social systems put in place to, in the best case scenario, add a little structure and organization to our lives, and in the worst case scenario, control and oppress people. Money can cause trauma, make or break people’s well-being, and even have devastating effects on the planet. It can be a ticket to freedom and fundamentally change what we are able to do to help others.

This issue was created to acknowledge the nuances and disparities caused by money, as well as to celebrate and carve an optimistic path forward that we believe is worth fighting for. In it, you’ll read about:

💸 People and organizations working toward equitable wealth redistribution,

🍩 A new economic model that considers sustainability, justice, people, and the planet,

👩‍💼 Women working toward change, equality, and education in the finance industry,

🌎 The global state of poverty, and how we can help address extreme poverty,

💰 And so much more.

We hope this issue serves as a roadmap — not to guarantee financial freedom or making millions (we wish!) — but to understand the equitable, beautiful way we can all live when we put our heads — and dollar bills — together.


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