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Goodnewspaper: The Mental Health Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Mental Health Edition

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One in five Americans struggle with mental health. For those of us who struggle — our mental health can make the onslaught of bad news even more overwhelming. For those of us who love someone who is struggling with their mental health — we want to help and show support, but it can feel overwhelming at times to know the best way.

We've received hundreds of messages asking us to dive into this topic — to share stories of good news in the world of mental health and resources on how to support people who are struggling. We created this for you. But I can speak on behalf of the Good Good Good team when I say that we needed this, too.

During our research, we found a lot of hope. The stigma around mental illness is being broken. We see progress in suicide prevention. People are finding creative and innovative ways to support people who are struggling. And there are more opportunities than ever to join that support. This Goodnewspaper should not be an erasure of the he-aerbreak, pain, and struggle that exist for so many. There is so much work to be done. But today we get to celebrate the progress that has been made — and we can join in and be a part of that progress in big and little ways every day.

May this Goodnewspaper be a reminder that there is hope. Healing is possible. And we all have the opportunity to give and receive help in the midst of our struggles. 

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • Stories of people working together to support mental health
  • Easy action steps on how you can support others’ mental health
  • A free centerfold poster featuring an inspiring quote

We wrote and printed this newspaper before COVID-19 changed all of our lives. As we're all sitting in our homes — isolated from others, concerned about our communities, and anxious about the future — we're hopeful this issue can be deeply meaningful beyond how we could have ever intended it.


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