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Goodnewspaper: The Local Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Local Edition

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Introducing the new issue of the Goodnewspaper: The Local Edition!

This issue of the Goodnewspaper has been a long time coming. In our efforts to bring real, meaningful good news stories that anyone/everyone around the world could relate to, Goodnewspapers of the past have been missing an important kind of story: local stories.

Every day, there are countless people who get up and work to make life better for their neighborhoods, their communities, or their towns. And while most of us will have never even heard of some of these locations — we’re sure we’re not alone in feeling inspired by and hopeful about people making a difference with what they have, right where they are.

People like:

  • An 8-year-old that made an ecosystem-saving discovery in her Washington town,
  • Students in Ohio who organized their own Diversity Day after their school district canceled it,
  • A soccer fan in Wales that volunteered to help make her local club’s stadium more accessible for disabled people,
  • A DIY duo helping their neighbors with home projects,
  • And so many more.

Plus, like every Goodnewspaper, The Local Edition includes ways you can take action and get involved locally too — from an app that helps you find your new favorite local restaurant, to ways you can help save local newspapers.

Our hope for you is that, as you read, you feel inspired by the beautiful ways people are making a difference for their communities — and let it inspire ways to get involved and make a difference in your own community, too.



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