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Goodnewspaper: The Health Heroes Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Health Heroes Edition

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This issue is filled with stories of people working for the health of all. There are stories about those working on the frontlines of the public health crisis we're currently facing, but also many stories of the previous crises we've beaten or made significant progress against. We have stories of floating hospitals, artificial intelligence, and shampoo bottles used for good. And this issue wouldn't be complete without a centerfold poster with a quote from Mister Rogers.

May this issue be a celebration of the health heroes — the doctors and nurses and leaders, of course, but also the custodians, data analysts, receptionists, and more who are equally deserving of praise. But may we not just feel comforted by the knowledge that these people are here to help us. May this be a reminder that we need to be there for health heroes in the same way they're here for us.

We hope this issue is an encouragement to donate to the organizations around the world making communities safer. A reminder to call our representatives to make sure hospital workers are provided with all of the protective equipment they need to ensure their safety at work. And a catalyst to fight for legislative and organizational support for frontline workers who aren't being paid a living wage while they're doing vital work.

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