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Goodnewspaper: The Food Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Food Edition

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We're proud to share The Food Edition of the Goodnewspaper — or as we've been jokingly calling it — the Foodnewspaper.
This may feel like a bit of a unique theme for a newspaper focused on good news — but food touches everything in the human experience. Food shapes our lives and impacts the world. What’s beautiful about the topic of food is that it allows us to talk about a lot of really important topics, all through the lens of something that unites every person on this planet.

Inside this issue you’ll read stories about:
  • How the food we eat (and the food we waste) impacts the environment — and how we can change our habits accordingly.
  • The monumental progress we’ve seen in increasing access to food around the world.
  • How decreasing food insecurity means greater peace and stability and better opportunity for education and innovation.
  • Those who responded to the pandemic by providing food for communities in need and supporting restaurants and their workers.
  • Plus, a beautiful centerfold poster — This one is illustrated by @ohhappydani with an incredible quote from a world-famous chef doing work on the frontlines of providing food for people in need.
This Goodnewspaper is best enjoyed while eating a few (ethical and sustainable) snacks, sipping a cup of (fair trade) coffee, or even drinking some (organic) wine. And of course it’s best followed up with a conversation-filled meal with a friend — even socially distanced — to plot out how to creatively make a difference.

May this Foodnewspaper leave you hungry to change the world in big and little ways.


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