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Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition

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There’s a good chance you spend a large chunk of your time every day worrying (or, uh, doomscrolling) about the climate crisis. You probably see a lot of phrases like “act before it’s too late,” or “this is the hottest summer on record,” and fear for the worst. And don’t get us wrong — those rising temperatures are real. This crisis is scary. We do need to act before it’s too late.

But it’s kind of hard to act when we’re in a perpetual state of fear — or worse — hopelessness. The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated, but the anxiety and discouragement we experience in response to that fact has a way of being the loudest emotion in our brains.

Sometimes, those very real feelings overshadow our equally real capabilities to make a difference. And — spoiler alert — that’s exactly what the planet-destroyers in power want.

And that’s why, every year, we make an issue of the Goodnewspaper dedicated to all the good climate news we can find. And we couldn’t be more excited to announce this month’s issue of the Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition!

This issue is filled with stories that will remind you why you started caring about the planet in the first place. It’ll help direct you to the helpers who are well on their way to literally saving the world. It’ll get you excited about the countless ways things are already improving.

And, if we did our jobs correctly, it’ll help you chart a course forward so you feel inspired to take action in your own way.

Here’s just a taste of the kinds of stories you can expect in this issue of the paper:

👨 Climate Dads mobilizing for change across the country

💸 What “climate reparations” are and how they might make a difference (if they’re executed correctly)

🛠️ Repair cafes gaining popularity worldwide

🌏 How more and more governments are recognizing our human right to a clean environment

💚 And so, so much more!

We hope these stories will motivate you to continue seeking out — and creating — progress, momentum, and innovation in the face of climate change.

And, as a reminder: Good Good Good is Climate Neutral Certified, which means we have measured, reduced, and offset our entire carbon footprint. The Goodnewspaper is printed in the USA on recycled paper with soy-based inks, and we also donate 1% of all sales to climate justice nonprofits, certified by 1% for the Planet.

If you get the print version of the Goodnewspaper, we ask that you please share it with a friend, creatively re-use it, or recycle it when you’re done enjoying it!

If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of March and get this issue for only $8. Look for The Environment Edition popup during checkout.
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