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Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition

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Introducing the new issue of Goodnewspaper: The Environment Edition!

Given that climate change is one of the biggest, most pressing issues facing humanity — we naturally talk about it a lot in the Goodnewspaper. And once a year, we make an issue dedicated entirely to good news and progress for the planet.

Because here’s the deal: climate doom is loud, but it’s also dead wrong. Scientists and experts agree that we’ve not reached the point of no return when it comes to saving our home planet, so our climate optimism must be louder. And it’s a perfectly reasonable expectation — because climate optimism has one thing on its side that the doom doesn’t: the truth.

It also has a ton of incredible, inspiring Helpers reminding us that not only do we still have hope, but we’ve also been making so much significant progress. In this issue, you’ll read about some of those Helpers, including:

✏️ States requiring climate change curriculum in schools,

🪸 A gardener that spent four decades restoring Malaysia’s coral reefs,

🐕 Dogs helping reforest a Korean village after devastating wildfires,

🗑 Alaina Wood (aka The Garbage Queen) is helping us fight climate anxiety,

🌎 And so much more!

When we read good environmental news like this, we’re able to feel more hopeful about the state of the world (and less discouraged and burnt out) — and in turn, we feel more encouraged and empowered to join in and be a part of creating a better future and a healthier planet.

If these Helpers aren’t done working to protect and preserve the environment, we aren’t either.

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