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Good Good Good

Goodnewspaper: The Do Good Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Do Good Edition

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We’re so excited to introduce the newest issue of the Goodnewspaper: The Do Good Edition!

Ever since we created and printed our first Goodnewspaper in 2017, Good Good Good has existed with one simple mission: To help readers feel more hopeful and do more good.

We do this by sharing stories of real, everyday people — just like each of us — that are making a difference in the face of some of the world’s most pressing and heartbreaking challenges. Inspired by Mister Rogers, we call them the Helpers. In this issue, the Helpers are doing good by:

  • Making parks more accessible by offering all-terrain wheelchairs
  • Finding fur-ever homes for a record number of rescue dogs
  • Combating social isolation for elderly individuals
  • Eradicating infectious diseases around the world
  • And so much more.

But it would be a shame if the Goodnewspaper only helped people feel better about the world and stopped there. The world needs more Helpers — and we each have a role to play in helping. That’s why, in this and every issue of the Goodnewspaper, we go a step further share practical action steps on how to get involved with these and other issues that tug at your heart.

When we pay attention to good news stories, our brains feel more hopeful. There’s a lot of really cool, nerdy science behind why that happens, but the gist of it is: The power of hope gives us the power to enact change.

And we hope this issue of the Goodnewspaper reminds you of the good in the world, helps you feel more hopeful, and inspires you to become a Helper yourself.


If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of December and get this issue for only $8. Look for The Do Good Edition popup during checkout.

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