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Goodnewspaper: The 2023 Mental Health Edition

Goodnewspaper: The 2023 Mental Health Edition

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Introducing the new issue of Goodnewspaper: The Mental Health Edition!

This month’s take on this annual issue of the Goodnewspaper is a bit of a love letter to every one of us living in the complex reality of not letting our mental health journey define us — and simultaneously embracing all the ways it makes us who we are.

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health, but so many of us face these elements of our humanity in completely unique, sometimes dysregulated, or overwhelming ways. This paper includes stories about all kinds of people, organizations, and initiatives helping us reframe mental health and help one another heal:

🫂 A look into the future of crisis and community care,

🎨 The use of art museums to help treat anxiety

❤️ A guide to DIY self-care kits

🎤 An interview with the amazing Gemma Styles about mental health in the digital age

🧠 And so much more!

We hope this issue of the paper makes you feel seen, supported, and energized to keep going — no matter where you find yourself in your mental health journey.

There are lots of things that provide hope every day, and we hope this newspaper can be one of them: a physical manifestation of the belief in a brighter tomorrow.


If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of February and get this issue for only $8. Look for The 2023 Mental Health Edition popup during checkout.

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