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Goodnewspaper: The 2022 Mental Health Edition

Goodnewspaper: The 2022 Mental Health Edition

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 If you read the Goodnewspaper (or good news we share on any of our platforms) it’s because you care about making the world a better place. And that likely means you feel the weight of the heartbreak, pain, and injustice that fills the world more than the average person.
The last few years have been tough on so many people’s mental health — but it’s probably been most difficult for those who are working hard every day to fill the world with more good.If that sounds like you, you are not alone, you don’t have to carry all that weight yourself, and it’s OK to ask for help. You making a difference in the world can’t come at the expense of your mental health.

This Mental Health Edition is filled with stories like:

🧠 A deep-dive into how our understanding of depression has evolved,
How Apple and Pinterest are considering mental health in their product development,
🧠 The 5 most meaningful mental health advances in the last 500 years,
🧠 And so much more.

We hope it’s a resource, an encouragement, and a source of hope as you care for your own mental health — and as you bring more good into the world.

If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of February and get this issue for only $8. Look for The 2022 Mental Health Edition popup during checkout.
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