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Goodnewspaper: The 2022 Animals Edition

Goodnewspaper: The 2022 Animals Edition

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Perhaps even more than our relationships with other humans, animals can teach us unconditional acceptance, inclusion, and wildness. When we learn this from them, we have a beautiful opportunity to embrace our nature — our wild side, a bit more.

Whether that looks like decoupling our worth from our productivity, protecting our planet and its finite resources, or caring for animals on a more regular basis, we have a unique privilege — and responsibility — to do good for those who inhabit the Earth alongside us.

We hope this issue fills you with optimism and hope (and a few “awwws") when you read about:

:otter: Humans saving animal populations in new and humane ways
:penguin: Penguins showing us what family really looks like
:cityscape: How we can make our cities more welcoming to wildlife
:dog: How animals continue to help us heal, grow, and value one another
:feet: and so much more.

And we hope the stories help you (like they helped us!) love better and embrace your truest nature — so we can do the most good.


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