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Goodnewspaper: The 2021 Animals Edition

Goodnewspaper: The 2021 Animals Edition

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We're excited to bring the second annual Animals Edition of the Goodnewspaper — an issue filled with stories of people doing good for animals and animals doing good for people.

This Goodnewspaper is zero fluff — and all real good news.

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • Stories of the incredible progress we've made against extinction for rhinos, bees, and whales
  • The high school student with a pilot's license who's flying rescue animals across New Mexico to save their lives
  • The man who saves forgotten cats in a nuclear zone
  • A stunning centerfold poster with a quote from Jane Goodall
  • And so much more


If you want to save on this issue, you can become a Good Good Good Member during the month of June and get this issue for only $7. Just sign up for your free trial and look for The Animals Edition popup during checkout.
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