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Good Good Good

Goodnewspaper: The Veterans Edition

Goodnewspaper: The Veterans Edition

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Good Good Good is officially launching the first themed issue of the Goodnewspaper. This issue is filled with the same number of good news stories you've come to expect, this time focused on the stories of veterans doing good!

This issue dives into the diversity of the veteran life experience and how countless veterans are making a positive difference in the world.

Stories include:

  • A story on combat diving veterans using their skills to restore ocean health
  • Pieces about veteran homelessness decreasing, a veteran who biked across America for suicide prevention, and scientists 3D printing new bones for wounded warriors
  • A free fold-out centerfold poster featuring an inspiring quote
  • And much much more good news


This issue is not a celebration of war and conflict nor is it a political issue.

This issue is a celebration of the good that veterans do in the world and the good others do for veterans. It's an opportunity to build empathy. And it's a celebration of the diversity of veteran experiences — and the good that unites them.

Join the march toward real, messy hope by ordering the Goodnewspaper today.

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